Fan Club

Reasons to join the fan club

  • MEMBERS ONLY access to exclusive material
  • Members ONLY events
  • Meet Chayanne (will be eligible to WIN a meet and greet for a show you are attending every year CHAYANNE goes on tour).
  • Special discounts (Check your inbox for special discounts throughout every year CHAYANNE goes on tour).  — Exclusive COUPON CODE
  • Become CHAYANNE reporter (Each stop on a Chayanne tour, the band or dancers sit down with one (1)  lucky Chayanne member and answers questions.
  • Win FREE merchandise|Members have a chance to win FREE merchandise at every stop on a CHAYANNE tour through mobil check-ins, or sign in with a compatible GPS enabled device to let un know you are at the show and you are entered to win.
  • Advance concert  (Get access to advance concert tickets when available)
  • Special merchandise items only available to members
  • Purchase of a membership is for 1 year (365 days) $45 USD.
  • Members only Pages are protected and the information can’t be dragged, copied or shared with non-paid members.
  • Members will be able to print their own membership cards which expire every year.   This way only paid members will be able to print valid cards based on year.
  • Members will also be instantly added to the our members newsletter to receive exclusive information for MEMBERS ONLY.

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